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Scottish nationalists like to say, cheerfully, that their nation is capable of standing on its own. It certainly is. That doesn’t mean it should.

L’Economist sul referendum scozzese. 


The biggest deficit that Mr Renzi must contend with is credibility and lack of time. Italy needs reform to boost its potential to grow and faces years of pain to pay down its debts. Pretending there is a quick and easy way out would only invite unflattering comparisons with Mr Berlusconi. #matteohurryup


Wandering Beasts by John Kenn

Kenn writes and directs television shows for children and when he’s not taking care of his own children, he draws monsters on post-it notes. His own “little window into a different work, made on office supplies.” 

Senza birra non si parte.

Consiglio di scoprire perché la Porter si chiama così

A volte fare la focaccia dà soddisfazioni che non immagini

Giorni in cui mi sento inutile come il registro pubblico delle opposizioni

Nuova Stazione Tiburtina. Immensa e vuota.


Copenhagen #03 on Flickr.

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